Head of a woman.

Red-figure Kylix. Attic.
By the Diomedes Painter.
Clay. First half of the 4th century BCE.
Height 5.3 cm, diameter of cup with handles 22 cm.
Inv. No. Á. 283.

Saint Petersburg, The State Hermitage Museum

Receipt: 1834, from the Pizzati collection.
© Photo, text: Antichnoe nasledie v iskusstve Zapadnoi Evropy. Katalog vystavki. s. 35 cat. No. 30.
© 2004 — Gosudarstvennyi Ermitazh, Sankt-Peterburg.
© 2004 — AO “Slaviya”, Sankt-Peterburg.
© 2004 — OOO “Kompaniya “Bazovyi element”, Moskva.
Keywords: clay Attic red-figure red-figured Kylix by the Diomedes Painter head of a woman cap female headdress headgear hat Inv No Á 283
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