Statue of Athene.

Panathenaic black-figure amphora. Attic.
From the Boulas Group.
Clay. Late 5th — early 4th centuries BCE.
Height 7.5 cm.
Inv. No. Á. 7014.

Saint Petersburg, The State Hermitage Museum

Unknown; from the Bobrinsky collection, acquired in 1931.
Side A represents a naked athlete taking part in a torch race with a burning torch in his left hand. “The torch he bore with rapid steps in this sacred contest played out among young men in memory of the fire stolen by Prometheus...” (AP VI 100). He wears a wreath and is running towards the right. On the other side, the goddess Athena appears with all her attributes: shield, spear and helmet. The statue of Athena represented in her “Promachos” type (she who fights in the front line) decorated the amphora awarded to the victors in the Panathenaic Games.

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Keywords: clay Panathenaic black-figure black-figured amphora Attic from the Boulas Group statue of Athene Minerva Athena Promachos shield spear helmet with with in helmet Inv No Á 7014 B 7014
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