Statuette of Heracles mingens
Bronze, dark green, solid cast.
1st century BCE — 1st century CE.
{Height 5.8 cm.
Saint Petersburg, The State Hermitage MuseumInv. No. Б. 307.

Statuette of Heracles mingens.

Bronze, dark green, solid cast.
1st century BCE — 1st century CE.
{Height 5.8 cm.
Inv. No. Б. 307.

Saint Petersburg, The State Hermitage Museum

unknown; from the Laval collection, acquired in 1853.
He is naked, standing, his club on his left shoulder. The head is bent, the abdomen thrust forward, the legs bent and the knees apart. The hero gives the impression of being slightly drunk by urinating. This is a familiar Hellenistic motif.

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