Torso of a young man.

Terracotta. 4th3rd centuries BCE.
Height 9.3 cm.
Inv. No. .1978.52.

Saint Petersburg, The State Hermitage Museum

Unknown; from the necropolis at Kertsch, acquired in 1878.
The head and both arms are missing from this statuette. The right left is preserved up to the knee and the left leg up to the groin. The young man was probably resting on his left leg with the right leg projecting forward. The musculature of the body is very well rendered and the modelling fine. As it is a solid terracotta, it was probably modelled as a prototype for a mould.

L. Davidova, D. Vanhove
1993. Photo, text: OLYMPISM IN ANTIQUITY. Olympic Museum Lausanne. Bertelsmann UFA. Industria Gráfica S. A. Barcelona, 1993, p. 84 cat. no. 27.
Photographer M. Verhasselt (Brussels-Dilbeek).
1993 Comité International Olympique.
Keywords: terracotta torso of a young man athlete sport sportsman muscular system Inv No 197852
History of Ancient Rome