Statue of Juno Sospita
Marble. 2nd century. Rome, Vatican Museums, Pius-Clementine Museum, Round Room, 19Inv. No. 241.Photo by Sergey Sosnovskiy

Statue of Juno Sospita.

Marble. 2nd century.
Inv. No. 241.

Rome, Vatican Museums, Pius-Clementine Museum, Round Room, 19
(Musei Vaticani, Museo Pio-Clementino)

Statue of Juno Sospita, an Italic divinity of Lavinium. Probably a cult statue of the 2nd century A.D.
(сс) 2005. Photo: Sergey Sosnovskiy (CC BY-SA 4.0).
© 1986 Text: Guide to the Vatican: Museums and City. Pontifical Monuments, Museums and Galleries. Tipografia Vaticana, p. 49.

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