Young Heracles strangles the snakes
45—79 CE.
Pompeii, House of the Vettii (VI, 15, 1)Photo by Luciano Pedicini

Young Heracles strangles the snakes.

45—79 CE.

Pompeii, House of the Vettii (VI, 15, 1)
(Pompei, Casa dei Vettii (VI, 15, 1))

Hercules, the mythical character, is one of the greatest heroes of Ancient times. The son of Jupiter and Alcmene, a human, he accomplished the famous twelve labours that will forge his reputation. Here, the first of Hercules’ exploits is remembered: as a newborn child, he strangled two snakes sent to kill him by Juno. At Evander’s house, Aeneas is told how Hercules defeated Cacus, a terrible and bloodthirsty monster that terrorised the region.
2019. Photo, text:
© Photo: Luciano Pedicini.
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