Athlete with discus.

Red-figure amphora (with twisted handles). Attic.
By the Kleophrades Painter.
Clay. 490480 BCE.
Height: 47 cm.
Inv. no. . 1852 (St. 1669, . 613).

Saint Petersburg, The State Hermitage Museum

Unknown; from the Campana collection, acquired in 1862.
Side A shows a standing athlete in profile, holding a discus in his hands; the arms are raised and outstretched and the left leg is placed forward. This representation illustrates the swinging movements which precede the throw.

Side B features a paidotribe or trainer; his right hand is resting on a pillar (= palaistra) and he is holding a staff in his left hand. He is draped in a himation with his right shoulder bared. The vase bears a graffito.

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