The reconstruction of a part of the Roman Forum.

(Tabularium, the temple of Concord, the temple of Saturn, the Basilica Julia, the New Rostra, the Curia Julia, the Basilica Aemilia, the temple of Castor (Dioscuri), the temple of Divus Julius, the arch of August, the temple of Vesta)

Rome, Roman Forum

2000 Photo, text: ROM. Kunst und Archäologie. SCALA, 2003, p. 16.
Keywords: the reconstruction of a part of the Roman Forum Romanum Tabularium the temple of Concord the temple of Saturn the Basilica Julia the New Rostra the Curia Julia the Basilica Aemilia the temple of Castor Dioscuri the temple of Divus Julius Actian arch of August the temple of Vesta Concordia new rostrum Iulius Gaius Julius Caesar Gaio Giulio Cesare g108 roman emperor Octavian August Octavianus Augustus Ottaviano Augusto
History of Ancient Rome