Two athletes with javelins.

Red-figure neck amphora. Attic.
By the Kleophrades Painter.
Clay. Ca. 500 BCE.
Height: 44.3 cm.
Inv. no. . 1550 (St. 1605, . 609).

Saint Petersburg, The State Hermitage Museum

Unknown; from the Campana collection, acquired in 1862.
Side A: A fine, balanced composition in calyx representing two athletes preparing to throw the javelin. They are practically symmetrical. The athlete on the left is turning his head to the left and the athlete on the right to the right. The two javelins which the athlete on the right is holding in his right hand form the separation line and divide the surface of the image into two halves. The athlete on the right has his penis tied or infibulated. The musculature, the tibia and the kneecap are very well rendered by the application of slip. The athlete on the left is holding his fingers in the ankyle or throwing loop and preparing to take up his throwing position. The legs and feet are also identically placed. The toes of the outer feet are shown from the front.

Side B: Two satyrs. According to J.D. Beazley, this is one of the first works by the Kleophrades Painter. The vase bears a graffito.

D. Vanhove
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1993 Comité International Olympique.
Keywords: two athletes with javelins red-figure red-figured neck amphora Attic by the Kleophrades Painter clay Inv no 1550 St 1605 609 ephebe athlete sport sportsman spear spears javelin throwing throw throwing of tied infibulated penis infibulation ankyle inv 1550 -1550 609
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