Statue of Athene
Bronze. 340—330 BCE.
Height 2.35 m.
Athens, Archaeological Museum of PiraeusInv. No. 4646.

Statue of Athene.

Bronze. 340—330 BCE.
Height 2.35 m.
Inv. No. 4646.

Athens, Archaeological Museum of Piraeus
(Αθήνα, Αρχαιολογικό Μουσείο Πειραιά)

Found in Piraeus in 1959.
4646. The Peiraeus Athena. The goddess wears a Doric peplos, with a large overfold raised in back so as to cover her shoulders, and a diagonal aegis. Two owls adorn her Corinthian helmet. She held a spear in her left hand and a libation bowl in her right hand. The statue has been attributed to Kephisodotos or Euphranor. Either an original of the 4th century B.C. or, as others think, a classicizing work of the Hellenistic period.
© 1995. Photo, text: Sofia Suli. Grecheskaya mifologiya. Per. s grech. — Izdatel’stvo: Athens, Mihalis Tubis A. E., 1995, s. 31.
© 1995 — Izdatel’stvo: Mihalis Tubis A. E.
Description: museum inscription to the sculpture.
Keywords: γλυπτική sculptura sculpture sculptural scultura skulptur χάλκινο bronze bronzo bronzeo bronzen ἄγαλμα άγαλμα statua statuae statue statues statua statui statue statuen statue statuons ελληνική μυθολογία mythologia graeca greek mythology mitologia greca griechische mythologie grecque θεά αθηνά παλλὰς ἀθηνᾶ ἀθήνη athene athena pallas goddess dea atena göttin déesse athéna athéné bronze statue of athene athena atena minerva piraeus peiraeus by sculptor kephisodotos euphranor aegis doric peplos female garment garments clothes clothing outerwear corinthian helmet head-piece headpiece inv no 4646
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