Achilles and Ajax playing a board game. Fragment.

(Achilles on the left, Ajax on the right.)
Black-figure amphora (Type A). Attic.
By the Exekias Painter (potter and painter).
Clay. Ca. 530—520 B.C.
Height 61 cm (24 in.).
Inv. No. 16757.
Rome, Vatican Museums, Gregorian Etruscan Museum.
Achilles and Ajax playing a board game. The names of Ajax and Achilles are inscribed, and they call out the numbers on the dice, three (tria) and four (tes[s]era), which are inscribed as if issuing from their mouths. A kalos inscription is on the right, and Exekias’s signature (as potter) is on the left. If this scene was invented by Exekias, as some scholars believe, it must have been the prototype for the scene on figure 59.
© 2002 J. Paul Getty Trust.
A. J. Clark, M. Elston, M. L. Hart. Understanding Greek vases: a guide to terms, styles, and techniques. Los Angeles, 2002, p. 41, fig. 29.


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