Orestes kills Aegisthus.

(On the left Chrysothemis).
Red-figure pelike. Detail. Attic.
By the Berlin Painter.
Clay. Ca. 500 BCE.
Inv. No. IV 3725.

Vienna, Museum of Art History, Collection of Classical Antiquities
(Kunsthistorisches Museum)

See description: http://ancientrome.ru/art/artworken/img.htm?id=1824
2006. Photo, text: A Brief Guide to the Kunsthistorisches Museum. Edited by Wilfried Seipel. Vol. 4. Masterpieces in the Collection of Greek and Roman Antiquities. Kunsthistorisches Museum. SKIRA, 2006, p. 106, cat. 40.


Keywords: Orestes kills Aegisthus Chrysothemis red-figure red-figured pelike Attic by the Berlin Painter clay Orestes murders Aegisthus murder of Aegisthus sword murder armor armour diadem throne key ornament simple meander palmette lotus buds Inv No IV 3725
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