Head of Jupiter from Otricoli.

Marble. Roman copy after a Greek original from the 4th century BCE.
Rome, Vatican Museums, Pius-Clementine Museum, Round Room, 3.
Photo, text: O. F. Waldhauer. LISIPP. RSFSR. Gosudarstvennoe izdatelístvo, Berlin, 1923, ill. 11.
Photo from Brunn. Denkm. griech.-röm. Sculpt.
Verlag F. Bruckmann A.-G., München.


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Keywords: marble colossal head bust of Jupiter from Otricoli Roman copy after a Greek original sculptor Lysippos of Sikyon Lysipp aus Sikyon scultore Lisippo Jupiter Iupiter Juppiter Iuppiter Zeus Inv No 257 SR 3