Feasting Heracles. Detail.

Bilingual amphora, type A. Attic.
By the Andokides Painter.
Clay. Ca. 520—510 BCE.
Height 53.5 cm.

Munich, State Antique Collection

© 2007 Photo, text: M. Siebler. Iskusstvo Drevnej Grecii. Izd-vo «ART-RODNIK», 2007. S. 46—47. ISBN 978-5-9794-0012-9.
© Photo: Koppermann / Kühling / Staatliche Antikensammlungen und Glyptotek, München.
Keywords: clay bilingual amphora type A bilingual pottery Attic by the Andokides Painter Feasting Heracles Herakles Hercules Eracle Ercole Athene Athena Atena Hermes servant menial feast Belly kline pillow cupbearer couch bed kantharos cup bowl for drink beverage winged sandals travelling hat petasos petasus vessel for mixing blending of wine meat flesh flat cake cookie goblet beaker bowl vine cluster bunch of grapes bow quiver sword scabbard sheath spear helmet headpiece arm weapon arms weaponry weapons plume aegis auspices palmette-lotus chain Munich 2301 Inv No Munich J 388
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