Jupiter with thunderbolt. Detail
Bronze. Roman Age. Florence, National Archaeological MuseumInv. No. 2291.Photo by Sergey Sosnovskiy

Jupiter with thunderbolt. Detail.

Bronze. Roman Age.
Inv. No. 2291.

Florence, National Archaeological Museum
(Museo archeologico nazionale di Firenze)

(сс) 2006. Photo: Sergey Sosnovskiy (CC BY-SA 4.0).
Text: museum inscription to the sculpture.
Keywords: γλυπτική sculptura sculpture sculptural scultura skulptur ρωμαϊκό roman romana romano romani römisch römische römisches römischen römischer romain romaine romains romaines bronze statuette figurine of jupiter iupiter juppiter iuppiter jovis iovis jove giove with thunderbolt zeus inv no 2291
History of Ancient Rome