Statue of Livia
Late 1st century BCE — early 1st century CE.
Total height: 1.925 m.
Boscoreale, AntiquariumInv. No. 4400.Photo by Roger B. Ulrich

Statue of Livia.

Late 1st century BCE — early 1st century CE.
Total height: 1.925 m.
Inv. No. 4400.

Boscoreale, Antiquarium

Found at Pompeii, in the peristyle of the Villa of the Mysteries.
Roman portrait of Livia Drusilla, wife of the Roman emperor Augustus, freestanding marble.

Discovered in the peristyle of the Villa of the Mysteries (Pompeii), now on display in the Antiquarium (Museum) di Boscoreale.

An outer cloak (pallium) is shown draped over the head and shoulders. when first discovered more of the painted decoration (polychromy) survived. The hair is reddish, eyebrows, eyelashes, and pupils were painted. A groove in the hair indicates the presence of an added diadem, now lost.

The head, carved separately, as been identified as that of Livia (Copenhagen Livia type) and may have replaced an earlier portrait of the (female) "domina" of the house. The portrait of Livia is thought to be Tiberian in date (ca. A.D. 20).

Cf. Rediscovering Pompeii: exhibition by IBM-ITALIA, New York City, IBM Gallery of Science and Art, 12 July — 15 September 1990, (published 1990) cat. No. 162.
© 2009. Photo: Roger B. Ulrich.
Text: museum inscription to the sculpture.
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