Portrait of an Egyptian priest (in the past well-known as Julius Caesar)
3rd century.
Inv. No. MB 31.Rome, Museum of Barracco

Portrait of an Egyptian priest (in the past well-known as Julius Caesar).

3rd century.
Inv. No. MB 31.

Rome, Museum of Barracco.

Barracco and others considered it to be a portrait of Julius Caesar. However it probably depicts a priest as is suggested by the hairstyle and the band around the head which holds an eight pointed star in the centre. The intense expression and the careful details recall typical elements of Roman portraiture. It is considered that Roman artists worked in Egypt during the IIIrd century AD.
(Text: http://en.museobarracco.it/percorsi/percorsi_per_sale/sala_i/ritratto_di_sacerdote_barbato)
© 1991. Photo, text: Sculpture from Antiquity to the Middle Ages. T. I. Taschen, 1991. P. 166.
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