Funerary relief of the Gemini.

Marble. Second half of the 1st century BCE.
Inv. No. 3813.

Palermo, Regional Archaeological Museum

From Rome.
Two men and one woman are depicted.
Latin inscription: Cn(aeus) Geminus Cn(aei) l(ibertus) / Apollonius. Cn(aeus) Geminus Cn(aei) l(ibertus) / Aeschinus patronus. Geminia Cn(aei) l(iberta) / Prima.
Gnaeus Geminus Apollonius, freedman of Gnaeus. Gnaeus Geminus Aeschinus, freedman of Gnaeus, patronus. Geminia Prima, freedwoman of Gnaeus.
2008. Photo: Roger B. Ulrich.
Text: museum inscription to the sculpture.
Keywords: marble funerary relief of the Gemini familia family headstone tombstone gravestone two men and one woman latin inscription Cnaeus Geminus Cnaei libertus Apollonius Cnaeus Geminus Cnaei libertus Aeschinus patronus Geminia Cnaei liberta Prima Gnaeus Geminus Apollonius freedman of Gnaeus Gnaeus Geminus Aeschinus freedman of Gnaeus patronus Geminia Prima freedwoman of Gnaeus toga Inv No 3813
History of Ancient Rome