Leda and the Swan
Late 2nd century CE. Kouklia, Museum

Leda and the Swan.

Late 2nd century CE.

Kouklia, Museum

Roman residential building, Paliapaphos (Kouklia), Cyprus.
Mosaic pavement of the triclinium (summer dining room) was found nearly completely preserved. A central pictorial panel of outstanding quality, surrounded by several zones of geometric patterns, shows Leda and the Swan in an unusual composition. This fine work of the late second century testifies to both the private wealth of the inhabitants and the high standards of the Paphian mosaic ateliers.
© 2004 Photo, text: Maier F.G. “Guide to Paliapaphos (Kouklia)”. Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation. Nikosia. P. 51-52.
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