Gaius Julius Caesar
Dark green slate.
Height 0.41 m.
Inv. No. SK 342 R.9.Berlin, State Museums, Collection of Classical Antiquities

Gaius Julius Caesar.

Dark green slate.
Height 0.41 m.
Inv. No. SK 342 R.9.

Berlin, State Museums, Collection of Classical Antiquities
(Staatliche Museen zu Berlin).

Came to Berlin from the Julienne collection together with a modern portrait of Augustus.
Parts of the left ear and the dress are restored. The eyes are inlaid in marble, but either they or the drilling is modern.

Carl Blümel said in his catalogue that the whole surface had not been cleaned, and on the back of the head there is, in fact, a chalklike layer. It is one of the most difficult portraits to assess in any museum of the world: is it a work from the eighteenth century? Could in be an a Egyptian work from a Roman period, first century B.C., that has been recut, especially the nose and the mouth? Has in any connection with the so-called Mark Anthony in the H.J.R. Bankes collection in Kingston Lacy, Wimborne? (...) This long line of questions must remain unanswered for now.

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