Roman portrait of an unknown male.

Marble. Ca. 110—120 CE.
Inv. No. 13.231.1.

New York, the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Rogers Fund.
Roman Marble portrait of an unknown male. The bust size, partially unclad torso, and hairstyle suggest a date to Trajan’s reign, while the beard suggests a Hadrianic date. Thus the sculpture can be dated to ca. 110-120, that is, late Trajanic or early Hadrianic. Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York) Rogers Fund, inv. 13.231.1.
© 2010. Photo, text: Roger B. Ulrich.
Keywords: marble roman ritratto maschile busto male portrait bust of an unknown man male hairdo hairstyle beard military cloak paludamentum baldric belt balteus Inv No 13 231 1
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