Gaius Julius Caesar
Greek marble.
Mid-1st cent. CE.
Inv. No. IG 7509.Photo by Roger B. Ulrich

Gaius Julius Caesar.

Greek marble.
Mid-1st cent. CE.
Inv. No. IG 7509.
A fine portrait of Julius Caesar (died 44 BCE) in Greek marble, recently found in a cistern (#861) from the Pantelleria acropolis in Sicily. The head shows little damage on the left. It was probably inserted into a full-length statue. It is similar to posthumous images of Caesar and has been dated to the middle of the first century CE. On loan to the British Museum in 2010 from the Dipartimento dei Beni Culturali e dell’identita’ siciliana, inv. IG 7509.
© 2010. Photo, text: Roger B. Ulrich.

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