Portrait of an older woman
Ca. 40—20 BCE.
New York, the Metropolitan Museum of ArtInv. No. 2000.38.Photo by Roger B. Ulrich

Portrait of an older woman.

Ca. 40—20 BCE.
Inv. No. 2000.38.

New York, the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Roman marble portrait of an older woman, dating from the first century B.C. (the Met dates the image to ca. 40—20 B.C.) If correct, the portrait was made in the last decades of the Roman Republic — or at the very beginning of Augustus’s reign. The hairstyle is similar to that worn by the wife of Augustus, Livia (note the prominent “nodus” over the forehead, in fact a broad braid).
© 2010. Photo, text: Roger B. Ulrich.
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