Front panel of sarcophagus with a scene of a naval battle.

Apuan marble. 2nd century CE.
W. 155 cm, H. 76 cm.
Inv. No. MR 1.

Brescia, Santa Giulia Civic Museum

Found in 1690 to the North of San Salvatore church. Passed into the hands of Averoldi family who donated it to the Museo Patrii in 1830.
It may be attributed to one of the stone-dressers’ workshops in the Aquileia area which specialized in mass production of reliefs.
H. Dütschke, Antike Bildwerke in Oberitalien IV. Antike Bildwerke in Turin, Brescia, Verona und Mantua (Leipzig 1880) 143 f. Cat. no. 366.
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