Bust of Agrippina the Elder.

Marble. First half of the 1st century CE.
Inv. No. 2164 T (Cat. Mendel 557).

Istanbul, Archaeological Museum

Found at Pergamon.
Roman marble portrait identified by the Istanbul archaeological museum (inv. 2164 T) as representing Agrippina the Elder. Found at Pergamon. The break and discoloration at the level of the mouth creates a sorry effect for an otherwise well-preserved sculpture.
2010. Photo, text: Roger B. Ulrich.
Keywords: marble ritratto femminile busto female portrait bust of Vipsania Agrippina the Elder Senior Major Julio-Claudian dynasty dinastia giulio-claudia Julii-Claudii female hairdo hairstyle coiffure Inv No 2164 T Cat Mendel 557
History of Ancient Rome