Patera from Parabiago. Detail: Cybele and Attis on his chariot, drawn by lions.

Silver with traces of gilding. Second half of the 4th century.
Inv. No. A0.9.14264.

Milan, Civic Archaeological Museum
(Civico museo archeologico di Milano)

Found in 1907 in Parabiago.
© 2011. Photo: Ilya Shurygin.
Keywords: gilded silver patera from Parabiago Magna Mater Great Mother of gods Rhea Cybele Kybele veiled veil and Attis on his chariot quadriga drawn by lions lion wild predatory animal dancing warriors Corybantian dance Korybantes Corybantes Corybants Korybandes Kurbantes warriors warrior soldier soldiers shield Greek helmet dance dances military star stars sword shield crested helmet headpiece crest cloak tunic flute siringa syrinx panpipes musical instrument musical instruments crook of shepherd shepherd’s crook thyrsus thyrsos sceptre Phrygian cap Victory baldric Inv No A0 9 14264
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