First half of the 3rd century CE.
Inv. No. 1977.337.Boston, Museum of Fine ArtsPhoto by Roger B. Ulrich


First half of the 3rd century CE.
Inv. No. 1977.337.

Boston, Museum of Fine Arts.

The Mary S. and Edward J. Holmes Fund.
Roman marble portrait, perhaps of one of the “boy emperors” of the third century, CE. The Boston MFA suggests that the image, which depicts a teenage male, might represent the young emperor Elagabalus (r. 218-222) or Alexander Severus (r. 222-235).

Here the full bust, with the board-like fold across the chest, the “toga contabulata.”

C. C. Vermeule, Greek and Roman Sculpture in America (1981) pg. 354. cat. no. 305.
© 2009. Photo, text: Roger B. Ulrich.
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