Lucius Verus as Mars (?).

Scene from a cycle “Apotheosis of Lucius Verus” of the Parthian frieze from Ephesos.
Dolomitic marble from Thasos. After 169 (166?) CE.

Vienna, Ephesos Museum

A large part of the reliefs from the Parthian monument was found by Austrian archaeologists in Ephesus from 1897 to 1901. During roughly the same period they were moved, with permission obtained from Sultan Abdul Hammed II to Vienna. Some of these were exhibited for the first time in 1905 in the Vienna History of Art Museum; in 1932 they were moved into Prince Eugene’s old stables. After many adventures during World War II and later, most of the relief plaques with the narrative scenes have today been restored and are exhibited in a separate room in the Ephesos Museum in Vienna. The reliefs which belong to the decorative band are mainly still in Ephesus.
Keywords: dolomitic marble relief from the Parthian frieze monument in Ephesos Ephesus male portrait of the roman emperor Lucius Verus apotheosis of Lucius Verus paludamentum cuirasse lorica lappets pteryges ptóryges double cingulum double sash Hercules knot rams’ head fimbriae rosetta
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