Extispicium Relief. Left panel of the relief “Sacrifice in front of the Temple of Juppiter Capitolinus.”

Marble. Ca. 118—125 CE.
300 × 250 × 32 cm. Height of relief 20 cm.
Inv. No. MR 737 (MA 978).

Paris, Louvre Museum

Was found in 1572—1577 in the Forum of Trajan.
1650—1808 — in the villa Borghese.
From 1808 — in Louvre.
© 2012. Photo: Ilya Shurygin.


Keywords: marble relief Extispicium Relief from the Forum of Trajan great Trajanic frieze sacrifice sacra publica bull extispicium of bull haruspex haruspicium victimarius immolation sacrificial animal sacrificial knife cultri priest priestly servant attendant popa cultrarius offering victima victimae sacrificial axe ax belt lictor fascia olla laurel wreath band extraction of internal organs inspection of liver inspection of the entrails toga togatus from the Borghese collection Inv No MR 737 MA 978
History of Ancient Rome