Statue of an unknown poet.


Paris, Louvre Museum

Statue of an unknown Poet. Paris, Louvre. Cat. somm., No. 588.
The head does not belong to the body. Restorations: tip of the nose, a piece of the left ear, a repair on the neck, details of the drapery, the point of the great toe, part of the tree-trunk.
Jahreshefte d. österreichischen archäologischen Institut, III (1900), p. 78 et seq.
1912. Photo, text: A. Hekler. Greek and Roman portraits. London. William Heinemann, 1912, Pl. 7a.
Keywords: marble marmor marmo testa ritratto maschile male portrait head statue of an unknown poet a bearded man beard lyre musical instrument musical instruments sculptor Pythagoras of Rhegion Inv No Ma 588 MNC 703 Hekler 7a 7 a
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