Statue of an unknown poet
Marble. Paris, Louvre Museum

Statue of an unknown poet.


Paris, Louvre Museum

Statue of an unknown Poet. Paris, Louvre. Cat. somm., No. 588.
The head does not belong to the body. Restorations: tip of the nose, a piece of the left ear, a repair on the neck, details of the drapery, the point of the great toe, part of the tree-trunk.
Jahreshefte d. österreichischen archäologischen Institut, III (1900), p. 78 et seq.
1912. Photo, text: A. Hekler. Greek and Roman portraits. London. William Heinemann, 1912, Pl. 7a.
Keywords: marble marmor marmo testa ritratto maschile male portrait head statue of an unknown poet a bearded man beard lyre musical instrument musical instruments strumento musicale strumenti musicali sculptor Pythagoras of Rhegion Inv No Ma 588 MNC 703 Hekler 7a 7 a
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