Portrait statue of Agrippina Minor.

Marble. Early 2nd century CE. Significant modern restorations.
H. 263 cm.

Florence, Loggia of Lanzi

Discovered in Rome in mid-16th century, presumably in the Forum of Trajan.
The set of the six female statues shown in the “Loggia dei Lanzi” in Florence, were discovered in Rome in the mid-sixteenth century, it is supposed to come from the Forum of Trajan.

From the left, the first two statues are unidentified characters; the not original heads are of the type known as “ideal”.

The third sculpture depicts a captive barbarian, known as the “Thusnelda”. The other three statues are Roman matrons high-ranking members of the imperial family. The fourth statue is the portrait of Salonia Matidia, the nice of the emperor Trajan and the mother in law of the emperor Hadrian.

© 2012. Photo, text: Egisto Sani.
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