Pompeian portrait of a man and woman.

Ca. 20 BCE — ca. 20 CE.
Inv. No. GR 1856.12-26.1621

London, The British Museum

From Pompeii.
A fragment of a Pompeian wall painting that shows the portraits of a man and a woman. The original setting (context) of the painting is lost. The heads were painted in a circular field (“tondo” or medallion). The painting is dated to ca. 20 BCE to ca. 20 CE. (thus to the period of Rome’s first emperor, Augustus). Compare the woman’s hairstyle to contemporary stone portraits. Gift to the British Museum by Sir William Temple (inv. GR 1856.12-26.1621; Painting 37).
© 2010. Photo, text: Roger B. Ulrich.
Keywords: frescos frescoes fresco from Pompeii tondo medallion depicting man spouse spouses husband and wife male portrait female portrait married couple woman female portrait hairdo hairstyle Inv No 1856 12 26 1621
History of Ancient Rome