Livia on a Roman lamp (?)
Ca. 40—80 CE.
London, The British MuseumInv. No. GR 1856.12-26.497; Lamp Q 807.Photo by Roger B. Ulrich

Livia on a Roman lamp (?).

Ca. 40—80 CE.
Inv. No. GR 1856.12-26.497; Lamp Q 807.

London, The British Museum

Said to have been from the Italian site of Pozzuoli. Bequeathed by Sir William Temple.
A simple image made from a mold to decorate a Roman lamp (note the hole for oil on the right). This may be a commemorative image of Liva, the wife of Rome’s first emperor Augustus. As it has been dated to ca. 40-80 CE, this would be a posthumous commemorative “souvenir” of sorts (Livia died in 29 CE).
© 2010. Photo, text: Roger B. Ulrich.
Keywords: αυτοκρατορικό imperial imperiale kaiserliches impérial ιουλιο-κλαυδιανή δυναστεία iulio-claudia iulii-claudii julii-claudii the julio-claudian dynasty dinastia giulio-claudia julisch-claudische dynastie famille julio-claudienne julio-claudiens ρωμαϊκή αυτοκράτειρα λιβία δρουσίλλα ιουλία αυγούστα livia drusilla iulia augusta re37 roman empress julia augusta imperatrice romana livia drusilla giulia augusta römische kaiserin livia drusilla impératrice romaine livie απεικόνιση portrait portraiture ritratto ritrattistica porträtmalerei porträt roman romana römisches romain of a woman female femminile donna weibliches frau de femme clay lamp female hairdo hairstyle coiffure acconciatura pettinatura femminile from pozzuoli inv no gr 1856 12 26 497 lamp q 807 inv no gr 1856.12-26.497; lamp q 807
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