Sarcophagus with Eroses and garlands.

White marble. 2ndó3rd cent. CE. Asia Minor.
Inv. No. 204.

Milan, Poldi Pezzoli Museum

From the collection of G. G. Poldi Pezzoli.
© 2011. Photo: Ilya Shurygin.
Keywords: white marble sarcophagus sarkophag sarcofago relief funerary sculpture Eroses Eros Amor Cupid eroti garland garlands eroti ghirlandofori fruit basket fruits pineapple pomegranate grapes acorn theatrical theatre mask fillet band beast animal goat she-goat hare panther leaf leafs acanthaceae acanthus shepherdís crook flute siringa syrinx panpipes musical instrument musical instruments from the collection Poldi Pezzoli Inv No 204
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