Wreath from Gorgippia.

Stamped gold. 2nd—mid-3rd cent. CE.
Length 63.5 cm.
Inv. No. MD 3289.

Krasnodar, Museum of History and Archaeology

From the Gorgippia necropolis, tomb 2, sarcophagus 2.
Twelve trefoils are fixed to a flat band with a hook and loop at the ends and with a rectangular plate in the center depicting Aphrodite Urania with the sceptre and Cupid and a necklace with pendants around the neck.
© 1987. Photo, text: Art treasures of Ancient Kuban. Catalog of exhibition. Moscow, 1987. Pl. XLVII, p. 65, cat. no. 261, p. 170.
Keywords: stamped gold wreath diadem from Gorgippia necropolis trefoils Inv No MD 3289
History of Ancient Rome