Sarcophagus strigilato with the Seasons and clipeus portrait of the deceased.

Marble. 270s CE.
L. 214.5 cm, H. 54 cm, W. 56 cm.
Inv. No. 1163.

Ostia, Archaeological Museum
(Museo archeologico ostiense)

P. Kranz, Jahreszeiten-Sarkophage, ASR 5, 4 (Berlin 1984), 225 Cat. no. 154 Pl. 70,1.
Keywords: marble relief sarcophagus sarkophag sarcofago strigilato strigillato with the imago clipeata clipeus portrait of deceased in the shield woman female portrait and personification of seasons season herdsman shepherd goat she-goat nanny-goat milking herd dog hare roll scroll volume Inv No 1163
History of Ancient Rome