Dramatic poet plays host to Dionysus (so-called “Icarios’ feast”)
Neo-Attic relief.
Marble. Roman copy of the 2nd cent. CE from Greek model of late 2nd cent. BCE.
Paris, Louvre MuseumInv. Nos. MR 719 / Ma 1606.Photo by Ilya Shurygin

Dramatic poet plays host to Dionysus (so-called “Icarios’ feast”).

Neo-Attic relief.
Marble. Roman copy of the 2nd cent. CE from Greek model of late 2nd cent. BCE.
Inv. Nos. MR 719 / Ma 1606.

Paris, Louvre Museum

From the Albani collection. Revolutionary confiscation 1798.
See also similar reliefs from the State Hermitage in Saint Petersburg and from the National archaeological museum of Naples.
© 2014. Photo: Ilya Shurygin.
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