Julia Sabina, the wife of Aelius Hadrianus.


Rome, Capitoline Museums, Palazzo Nuovo, Hall of the Emperors
(Musei capitolini, Palazzo Nuovo, Sala degli Imperatori)

Photo album of sculptures of the Capitoline Museums (second half of the 19th cent.). St. Petersburg University’s chair of ancient history (inv. no. 121). Photo no. 33 (10.5 × 14 cm).
The photographer is unknown.
Inscription on the photo: 33 — GIULIA SABINA MOGLIE DI ELIO ADRIANO.
Number on the base: 33.
Keywords: marble marmo busto ritratto femminile female portrait bust of a lady noble woman roman empress Vibia Sabina patrician female hairstyle Livia Drusilla Julia Augusta Julio-Claudian dynasty dinastia giulio-claudia Julii-Claudii female hairdo hairstyle coiffure hairdo hairstyle hair-dress hair style crown diadem from ear collection of Albani Inv No MC 444 MC444
History of Ancient Rome