Caligula, the son of Germanicus
Basalt. 17th cent. (?) Rome, Capitoline MuseumsInv. No. 2356.

Caligula, the son of Germanicus.

Basalt. 17th cent. (?)
Inv. No. 2356.

Rome, Capitoline Museums
(Musei capitolini)

The Albani collection (A 7). Formerly in the Museo Capitolino, Stanza degli Imperatori 11.
Compare with the bust No. 11 of the Hall of Emperors and his condition in 1912 on a photo in the Bruckmann edition. — Site Editor’s Note.
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Photo album of sculptures of the Capitoline Museums (second half of the 19th cent.). St. Petersburg University’s chair of ancient history (inv. no. 121). Photo no. 11 (10 × 14 cm).
The photographer is unknown.
Inscription on the photo: 11 — CALIGOLA FIGLIO DI GERMANICO.
Number on the base: 11.
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