Hermes fastening his sandal, so-called “Cincinnatus.”

Pentelic marble. Roman copy of the 2nd cent. CE after a Greek original by Lysippos of the 4th century BCE.
Inv. No. MR 238 / Ma 83.

Paris, Louvre Museum

The statue was found at the site of the Theatre of Marcellus, Rome. Since 1595 in villa Montalto in collection of Alessandro Peretti, Cardinal Montalto. Later was inherited with the villa by Prince Savelli. In 1685 it was acquired by Louis XIV. In 1798 it was confiscated in the course of the Revolution.
© 2014. Photo: Ilya Shurygin.
Data: museum annotation.
Keywords: Pentelic marble Hermes tying fixing his sandal so-called Iason marble Roman copy after the Greek original by Lysippos Hermes fastening his sandal Jason sculptor Lysippos of Sikyon Lysipp aus Sikyon scultore Lisippo Mercury Mercurius winged sandals sandal footwear footgear cincinnatus Inv No MR 238 Ma 83
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