Head of a boy.

Marble. Second half of the 2nd century CE.

Geneva, Museum of Art and History
(Musée d’art et d’histoire de Genève)

From the Etienne Duval collection at Morillon near Geneva. Bequeathed to the Geneva Museum of Art and History in 1912. Arrived in the Museum in 1914. In 1924 in the property of Henry van Muyden.
1921. Photo, text: Waldhauer O. F. Etjudy po istorii antichnogo portreta. Part I, s. 45, ill. 21. Ezhegodnik Rossijskogo Instituta Istorii Iskusstv, t. I, vyp. I. Peterburg, 1921.
Photo: from a photograph by F. Bruckmann.
Origin: W. Deonna, Catalogue des sculptures antiques. Geneve, 1924, pp. 148149.
Keywords: marble male child portrait head of a boy youth young man young Mercurius Hermes Paniscus Panisque with wings from the Etienne Duval collection M H van Muyden Morillon
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