Colossal bust of Lucius Verus
Third quarter of the 2nd century.
Height 96.5 cm.
Royal-Athena GalleriesPhoto by Jerome M. Eisenberg and Brent M. Ridge

Colossal bust of Lucius Verus.

Third quarter of the 2nd century.
Height 96.5 cm.

Royal-Athena Galleries.

Private collection, France.
Ex old private collection, the Chateau Pierredon, Egguire, France.
2004 — Royal-Athena Galleries, New York (Royal-Athena Catalog No. 79. Art of the Ancient World. Jan. 2004, vol. XV, lot 31. Price [update 03.11.2006]: POR).

31. Colossal Roman marble portrait bust of Lucius Verus, wearing a cuirass over-draped with a cloak held by a fibula on his right shoulder

3rd quarter of the 2nd century AD.
H. 38 in. (96.5 cm.)
Ex old private collection, the Chateau Pierredon, Egguire, France.
Nose, upper lip, and part of moustache are restored.

An extremely fine representation of a noted emperor considered in his day to have been one of the most handsome men in the empire, and who is known to have flecked his blond hair with gold dust to effect a dazzling appearance when standing in the sunlight.

Lucius Verus was the son of Hadrian’s adopted heir, Lucius Aelius Caesar, and was only eight years old when his father died in AD 138 at which time Hadrian adopted Antoninus Pius as his heir on the condition that he would adopt Lucius Verus as well as Marcus Aurelius as his heirs. Upon the death of Antoninus Pius in AD 161, they became co-emperors. Lucius married Marcus Aurelius’ daughter, Annia Lucilla, in AD 164.

He was a successful military campaigner, conquering Armenia and Medea as well as subduing Rome’s greatest rival, the Parthian Empire.

Cf. head from the Toledo Art Museum, publ.: C. Vermeule, Greek and Roman Sculpture in America, no. 287.
© 2003. Photo, text: Royal-Athena Catalog No. 79. Art of the Ancient World: Greek, Etruscan, Roman, Egyptian & Near Eastern Antiquities. Jan. 2004, vol. XV. Royal-Athena Galleries, New YorkLondon 2003. P. 15, lot 31.
© 2003. Photo: Jerome M. Eisenberg and Brent M. Ridge.
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