Calendar from Allifae (Fasti Allifani). Fragment
The age of Tiberius (14—37 CE)?
CIL. IX. 2320 = InscrIt. XIII2. 24.
Inv. No. 27 (sala I).
Capua, The Provincial Museum of Campania, Lapidarium of Th. Mommsen Photo by Ilya Shurygin

Calendar from Allifae (Fasti Allifani). Fragment.

The age of Tiberius (14—37 CE)?
CIL. IX. 2320 = InscrIt. XIII2. 24.
Inv. No. 27 (sala I).

Capua, The Provincial Museum of Campania, Lapidarium of Th. Mommsen
(Capua, Museo provinciale campano)

Found in the beginning of 1876 in Alife (ancient Allifae), in the foundation of the building called “Old Chancellery” (Cancelleria vecchia), together with a two-headed herm which was presented to Th. Mommsen by his an Allifan friend and deposited by him to the Berlin Museum.
White marble slab composed of two fragments of the single inscription not adjacent to each other. After the arrival to the museum the fragments a and b were assembled on a wooden plate by the archaeologists G.B. de Rossi and G. Minervini.
à) height 0.29 m; width 0.51 m; depth 0.03 m.
b) height 0.11 m; width 0.09 m; depth 0.03 m.

CIL. IX. 2320 = InscrIt. XIII2. 24.

[E V] f(astus) Soli Indig[(eti) in colle feriae] / quod e(o) <d(ie)> v[icit C(aius) Caesar Pharsali] / [F IIII] c(omitialis) / [G III] c(omitialis) / H pr(idie) c(omitialis) Herculi Invi[cto ad circ(um) Max(imum)] / V(eneri) V(ictrici) H(onori) V(irtuti) V() Felicita[ti in theatro marm(oreo)] / A Eid(us) n(efas) p(iaculum) f(eriae) Iovi Diana[e] / Vortumno in Aventino Herculi / Invicto ad port(am) trigeminam Cast(ori) / Poluci in circo Flaminio Florae ad circum / Maximum / B XIX f(astus) / C XIX c(omitialis) / D XVII c(omitialis) E XVI Port(unalia) n(efas) p(iaculum) feriae / Portuno ad pontem Aemilium / Iano ad theatrum Marcelli / F XV c(omitialis) divo Iulio ad forum / G XIV Vin(alia) f(astus) f(eriae) Iovi

August, 9E5 days before the Idesjudicial dayTo Sol Indiges on the hill; festival, since this day Caius Caesar was victorious at Pharsalus
August,10F4 days before the Idescomitial day
August,11G3 days before the Idescomitial day
August,12Hthe day before the Idescomitial dayTo Hercules Invincible near the Circus Maximus; to Venus Victrix, Honos, Virtus, V... Felicitas in the marble theatre
August,13AThe Idesnon-judicial day, propitiatory sacrificeFestival; to Jupiter, Diana, Vortumnus on the Aventine; to Hercules Invincible near the Trigemine Gates; to Castor, Pollux in the Circus Flaminius; to Flora near the Circus Maximus
August,14B 19 days before the Calendsjudicial day
August, 15C18 days before the Calendscomitial day
August, 16D17 days before the Calendscomitial day
August, 17E16 days before the CalendsPortunalia; non-judicial day; propitiatory sacrificeFestival; to Portunus near the Aemilian bridge; to Janus near the theatre of Marcellus
August, 18F15 days before the Calendscomitial dayTo Divine Julius near the Forum
August, 19G14 days before the CalendsVinalia, judicial dayFestival; to Jupiter

Other fragments: CIL. IX. 2318; 2319
Back side: CIL. IX. 2332.

Dies fastus (judicial day) — day, on which it was permitted to initiate suits in civil law in the court of the praetor urbanus.
Dies comitialis (comitial day) — day on whith it was permitted to summon the assemblies of Roman citizens to vote either on proposed legislation, in election or on the verdict in certain criminal trials.
Dies nefastus (non-judicial day) — day, on which it was not permitted to initiate suits in the court of the praetor urbanus or summon the assemblies of the people.

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© 2015. Photo: Ilya Shurygin.
© 1883. Text: Corpus Inscriptionum Latinarum. Vol. IX Inscriptiones Calabriae, Apuliae, Samnii, Sabinorum, Piceni Latinae. Edidit Th. Mommsen.
© 2015. Translation: Olga Lyubimova.


Keywords: E V fastus Soli Indigeti in colle feriae quod eo die vicit Caius Caesar Pharsali F IIII comitialis G III comitialis H pridie comitialis Herculi Invicto ad circum Maximum Veneri Victrici Honori Virtuti V Felicitati in theatro marmoreo A Eidus nefas piaculum feriae Iovi Dianae Vortumno in Aventino Herculi Invicto ad portam trigeminam Castori Poluci in circo Flaminio Florae ad circum Maximum B XIX fastus C XIX comitialis D XVII comitialis E XVI Portunalia nefas piaculum feriae Portuno ad pontem Aemilium Iano ad theatrum Marcelli F XV comitialis divo Iulio ad forum G XIV Vinalia fastus feriae Iovi Calendar Allifae Alifae Fasti Allifani August Ides Calends judicial non-judicial comitial day Sol Indiges festival Caius Caesar Pharsalus Hercules Invincible Circus Maximus Venus Victrix Honos Virtus Felicitas marble theatre propitiatory sacrifice Jupiter Diana Vortumnus Aventine Trigemine Gates Castor Pollux Circus Flaminius Flora Circus Maximus Portunalia Portunus Aemilian bridge Janus theatre of Marcellus Divine Julius Forum Vinalia CIL IX 2320 InscrIt XIII 24 Inv No 27 sala I
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