Veiled woman offering incense (close-up). Altar of Aphrodite (the so-called “Ludovisi Throne”) — the right-hand relief.

Marble. 460—450 BCE.
Inv. No. 8570.

Rome, Roman National Museum, Palazzo Altemps
(Museo nazionale romano, Palazzo Altemps)

1887, villa Ludovisi, Rome.
© 2015. Photo: Ilya Shurygin.
Text: museum information materials.
Keywords: marble Altar of Aphrodite Venus so-called Ludovisi Throne Birth of Aphrodite girl woman from the Ludovisi collection trono ludovisi Inv No 8570 Boncompagni Ludovisi collection Veiled woman offering incense burner hymation thymiaterion
History of Ancient Rome