Dying Gaul (also known as “Galata Capitolino”). A close-up.

Marble. Roman copy of the lost Hellenistic original of the 3rd century BCE.
Inv. No. MC 747.

Rome, Capitoline Museums, Palazzo Nuovo, Hall of the Gaul
(Musei capitolini, Palazzo Nuovo, Sala di Gallo)

Rome, area of the villa Ludovisi (Gardens of Sallust (horti Sallustiani)), 1622.
© 2015. Photo: Ilya Shurygin.
Data: museum annotation.
Keywords: marble falling dying wounded gaul gladiator galatian galata capitolino galata morente torc torq torque torques torquis from the Ludovisi collection Inv No MC 747
History of Ancient Rome