Tiberius, the stepson of Augustus.

Marble. 1st century.

Rome, Capitoline Museums, Palazzo Nuovo, Hall of the Emperors
(Musei capitolini, Palazzo Nuovo, Sala degli Imperatori)

Photo album of sculptures of the Capitoline Museums (second half of the 19th cent.). St. Petersburg University’s chair of ancient history (inv. no. 121). Photo no. 5 (10 × 13.5 cm).
The photographer is unknown.
Inscription on the photo: 5 — TIBERIO ADOTTATO DA AUGUSTO.
Number on the base: 5.
Keywords: marble male portrait bust head of the roman emperor Tiberius imperatore romano Tiberio Julio-Claudian dynasty dinastia giulio-claudia Julii-Claudii Inv No MC415 MC 415
History of Ancient Rome