Rear of columnar sarcophagus showing the Labours of Heracles and scenes of hunt.

Upper register: modern work imitating the composition of the front panel (17th cent.).
Lower register: 160 CE.
100 × 235 cm.
Inv. No. VC.

Rome, Museum and Gallery of Villa Borghese, Room II
(Museo e Galleria di Villa Borghese, Sala II)

P. Moreno, Ch. Stefani. The Borghese Gallery. Touring Club, Milan. 2015. P. 96.
Peter F. B. Jongste. The Twelve Labours of Hercules on Roman Sarcophagi. Roma, 1992. P. 117118.
2017. Photo: Ilya Shurygin.


Keywords: marble relief columnar colonnaded sarcophagus sarkophag sarcofago relief marble labours of Heracle Heracles Ercole scenes of hunt hunting sarcofago con le fatiche di Ercole caccia Inv No VC
History of Ancient Rome