Dancing satyr.

Pentelic marble. Roman copy ca 220 CE after a Greek original by Lysippos of the 4th century BCE (?).
Height 205 cm, with plinth 215 cm.
Inv. No. CCXXV.

Rome, Museum and Gallery of Villa Borghese, Room VIII
(Museo e Galleria di Villa Borghese, Sala VIII)

P. Moreno, Ch. Stefani. The Borghese Gallery. Touring Club, Milan. 2015. P. 193.
2017. Photo: Ilya Shurygin.
Keywords: pentelic marble statue of dancing Silenus Roman copy after a Greek original by sculptor Lysippos of Sikyon Lysipp aus Sikyon scultore Lisippo satyr satyrs satiro satiri dancer Silenus Silenuses musical instrument musical instruments cymbal cymbals Inv No CCXXV 225 Bertel Alberto Thorvaldsen
History of Ancient Rome