Discobolus of Castelporziano and Discobolus Lancelotti in Palazzo Massimo.

1. Parian marble. Roman copy of mid-2nd cent. CE from a bronze original by Myron of ca. 450 BCE.
Inv. No. 126371.
2. Parian marble. Roman copy of the 2nd cent. CE after a bronze Greek original by Myron of the mid-5th cent. BCE.
Inv. No. 56039.

Rome, Roman National Museum, Palazzo Massimo alle Terme
(Museo nazionale romano, Palazzo Massimo alle Terme)

2017. Photo: Ilya Shurygin.
Keywords: statue marble Roman copy the original of Myron of ephebe athlete sport sportsman youth discobolos discobolus discus-thrower Lancellotti Castelporziano figura serpentinata Inv No 126371 56039
History of Ancient Rome