Volute-krater depicting the journey of Orpheus to the Underworld.

Red-figured volute-krater. Apulia.
Attributed to The Underworld Painter (by Trendall).
Clay. Ca. 330—310 BCE.

Munich, State Antique Collection

From Canosa.
A: Underworld, Hades seated on throne with sceptre, Persephone with torch, footstool, both in Ionic temple, among Megara seated and children of Herakles (youths, one with phiale and amulet) at Ionic building, Dike seated with sword and scabbard, Peirithoos seated with club and Theseus with staff, Rhadamantys with oriental cap, Minos seated on chair with animal skin, and Aiakos seated on stool, all with sceptres and footstools, Orpheus in oriental cap with kithara, youth with wreath, woman, child (boy) with toy roller, Sisyphos with rock, Erinys with whip, Hermes, Herakles with Cerberus, Hekate with torches, Tantalos in patterned oriental costume with sceptre at rock, altar, river, ducks.
(cc) 2012. Photo: Egisto Sani (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0).
Exhibition “Die Unsterblichen Götter Griechenlands” (Munich).
© 2017. Description: http://www.beazley.ox.ac.uk.

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